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Kayaking Articles

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Kayaking Articles

Kayaking the Broken Group Islands

The Broken Group Islands are great for kayak touring. This group of about 100 small islands and islets has very diverse paddling terrain, beautiful campsites, and abundance of wildlife, and relatively easy access for west coast kayaking.

Getting There

Toquart Bay is a common launch site. Another option is the MV Lady Rose from Port Alberni.

The Islands

Hand, Gibralter, Dodd, Willis, Turtle, Walsh, and Chalk Islands are all inner islands. These are all mostly protected from the raw Pacific swell.

Turret, Clarke, Benson and Effingham Islands are the western edge of the Broken Group. These islands are the real Pacific islands, with significant swell, and all the abundant wildlife that comes with it.

For sea kayak touring, the Broken Group Islands are ideal for any type of paddler, from beginner to expert. Family kayaking trips are common here. Near the open Pacific, the real ocean experience is right there, while being in a compact enough group to provide good protection for easier paddling. The camps are well developed and beautiful. Being part of a national park, they are maintained, cared for, and looked after on a daily basis. The Broken Group Islands are one of the best kayaking tours anyone could ever take.

Is it Okay to Sea Kayak Without an Eskimo Roll?

When dealing with water sports, safety is the main concern at all times. Many sea kayakers go out to paddle alone. This can be potentially dangerous, but there ways to minimize the risks. Good rescue techniques are essential for solo paddlers. We tell you about some here and talk about the minimum standards for solo sea kayaking.

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7 Steps to Improve Your Sea Kayaking Skills

Enjoying sea kayaking is part location, and part skill and knowledge. You can improve your experience on the water by following seven steps to improve your paddling, broaden your potential paddles destinations, and increase your enjoyment of the experience.

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Sea Kayaking in Gulf Islands National Park

The southern Gulf Islands have some very interesting sandstone features to match the interesting wildlife and challenging currents. Sea kayaking in these islands is enjoyable when care is taken to be safe. This time of year is important. Trading some warmth for less boat traffic helps make it an enjoyable paddling experience.

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