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In our hearts, we all live on the land. That is the real world. We take away the obstacles to experience what is real, to experience your bliss. We show you the way. That's Coastal Bliss Adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How many guides are there on each trip?

    We abide by industry and park standards of at least 1 guide to 5 participants.

  • What are the group sizes?

    The minimum group size is 3, and the maximum adheres to Park operation standards, which is between 8 and 10 (location dependent) plus guides. This minimizes our impact on the area we are visiting, assures better safety, and creates a better environment for group interaction.

  • Is there an age restriction for trips?

    Age is not a disqualifier. Our guides have hosted guests in their 70s and children in their teens. Some trips require a certain level of fitness, stature and strength in order to complete them. Consider the demands of the expedition and your own fitness level. It is best to discuss this topic individually by contacting our office.

  • Do you run custom trips for groups or families?

    Yes, we can custom design trips to meet your requirements. Contact the office with your needs and ask about special group rates.

  • How physically demanding are the trips?

    Each trip is different. Refer to the trip ratings for an indication. Easy - Strenuous.

  • What if I have never camped, hiked, canoed or kayaked before?

    Many people with no previous experience come on guided trips and learn to enjoy the outdoor environment with the help and support of professionals. Some trips may require some previous experience. This will be stated in the trip description.

  • Will I need to physically prepare for my trip?

    In general it is advisable to prepare yourself for activities that are outside your normal routine. We have found that the better prepared guests are, the great their enjoyment of the trip. We will send you tips on how to prepare yourself for your trip.

  • What is included in the advertised price?

    All Expeditions: transportation from the point of origin and return, national or provincial park user fees unless otherwise stated, camping fees, cooking gear, camp stoves, meals/snacks/beverages on the expedition, tents, meal preparations, tarps, major first aid supplies, emergency radio or satellite phone, and professional guides. We can provide sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and backpack if required.
    Some expeditions will include some accommodation and some air and/or boat charter. Please refer to individual trips for a complete list of what is included.
    Canoe and Raft Expeditions: canoes, paddles, PFD [life jacket], canoe carts [where applicable], large dry bags.
    Sea Kayak Expeditions: sea kayaks, paddles, PFDs [life jacket], spray skirts, dry bags.

  • What do I need to bring?

    Upon receipt of your booking you will be forwarded a complete equipment and clothing packing list.

  • What if my luggage does not arrive, or my flight is delayed?

    Contact our office as soon as possible.

  • Are there any other costs not included in the advertised trip price?

    Guests are responsible for all travel costs to pick up locations for their chosen trip; accommodation costs before and after the trip, and for food on travel days, gratuities.

  • How will I meet up with my trip guides?

    Upon Booking you will be forwarded a list of pick up locations and suggested accommodations. You need to notify us of your accommodation details (suggested or other), and our guides will contact you the evening prior to the trip departure.

  • What kind of accommodation is provided on the trips?

    Guests sleep in spacious, high quality, 3 season tents while on the trip. Sharing is based on double occupancy each having a separate entrance and vestibule. Guests are welcome to provide their own tent if preferred. Some trips include a hotel / hostel overnight. Check your specific itinerary for details.

  • What kind of food can I expect while on the trip?

    Our meals are designed to meet the caloric needs of physically active people. This requires hearty, nutritious, and tasty meals, within the limitations of our mode of travel. Our guides are used to catering to a variety of needs, so if you have any special dietary requirements, or allergies, please inform us ahead of time and we will cater accordingly.

  • How are hygienic issues managed on trips?

    In wilderness areas toilet facilities are usually basic outhouses. Guests will be directed by their guides in how best to manage washing in the locations of their trip. All soaps used should be biodegradable. Hand sanitising agents are invaluable.

  • Are there bugs?

    The bug and mosquito population is different in each area and depend upon time of year, heat and rainfall. It is best to come prepared with bug repellent, bug net and/ or bug shirt and be pleasantly surprised if you don't need them.

  • What about bears and cougars?

    Bears and cougars are natural inhabitants of the coastal and mountain regions of British Columbia. There is a high likelihood that you will see a black bear going about its daily routines, cougars tend to be shy and less visible. As guests in their environment we do our best to keep a low profile, cache our food securely, and respect their space. Your guides carry pepper bear spray, and will discuss the dos and don'ts of sharing the outdoors with furry friends at the start of your trip.

  • Should I tip the guides?

    Gratuities are not included in the trip price. This way we leave it up to your discretion. If you have had a great trip and feel that you would like to say an extra thank you to your guides then feel free to tip them. Normal rates are 5% of trip price.

  • Is your company registered for business?

    Coastal Bliss Adventures holds a general business licence, along with Park Operating Licences for all areas in which business is conducted.

  • What qualifications do Coastal Bliss Adventure guides have?

    Our guides are certified, and have experience up to and beyond the industry standards set down for the type of trips they are guiding. They are all certified in Wilderness First Aid. They are familiar with the natural, cultural and historical aspects of the locations they guide. We have chosen guides who we feel will be excellent ambassadors for this company, and we trust that you will be more than satisfied with their skills, knowledge and personability. The owners, Georgia and Gary, are also certified guides, so this is not just a business, but a passion. Gary and Georgia want our clients to leave our tours as passionate about the places visited as they are.