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Covid-19 Impacts on Tours and Operations

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How Covid-19 affects our operations and you

December 26, 2022

COVID_19 Protocol (see complete document)CBA Welcome

To our valued customers:

The last three years' Adventure seasons were challenging for tourism, Coastal Bliss Adventures and Cowichan Bay Kayaking; however, we managed to consolidate our operations and grow as a company. We are grateful to you for that growth. It shows you have faith in us and our ability to give you incredible experiences out in the real world. As we move into the 2023 season, we are hopeful that we will be able to run all of our programs, while at the same time being aware of the uncertainty that still exists with Covid-19.  COVID_19 is still a concern and most restrictions have been taken away for now. It is still important that we follow any Province-wide restrictions.
Coastal Bliss Adventures remains committed to the health and safety of our employees, guests and communities. Various precautionary measures have been put in place to help reduce the risk of virus transmission, in general. Safety will rely on the full cooperation of our customers and employees from the time we arrive at any facility or tour, until the time we leave.
The safety measures we have implemented include:

    1. Training our employees on enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing procedures.
    2. Requiring the adherence of customers and employees to our policies and procedures.


A full list of the internal measures we have implemented can be found on our websites and We hope that our environment will return fully to a familiar 'normal' soon, but for now, this method of operation is our 'new normal'.
We acknowledge that every customer will make their own decision as to whether it is in their best interest to participate in our water and land-based activities during these times or not. However, should you choose to join us, we will welcome you and require your full cooperation with regards to the measures that have been implemented for everyone's safety.
Stay safe,
Georgia Newsome
Gary Ward


Disease Prevention Protocol
  1. If you have underlying medical conditions, it is recommended that you consider your activities and the risks of exposure.
  2. Online or over the phone booking and payment is preferred. If payment is required at the time of the tour (day and partial- day tours), only credit will be accepted.
  3. We do not require customers to wear a mask while present at the facility; however, we request that you bring a mask for use if precautions are put back into place. 
  4. We recommend that you bring hand sanitizer and use it regularly.
  5. Day and part- day tours: Please bring your own water as we will not be providing any and will have no place for you to fill up your water bottles at this time.
  6. Multi-Day tours: We will have strict protocol around use of water filters, pristine drops available, and guests are encouraged to bring a 'Lifestraw' bottle or some other form of personal water filtration and sterilization system.
  7. The washrooms on-site at Cowichan Bay Kayaking are managed by Bluenose Marina and typically not for client use.
  1. Online or over-the-phone booking is recommended, including payment.
  2. If payment is required at the facility it must be by credit card.