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Broken Group Islands Kayaking Tour

Broken Group Islands

Island Paradise

6-days, from $1,799

Deer Group Islands Kayaking Tour

Deer Group Islands

Caves and Coves

5-days, from $1,799

Nuchatlitz Inlet Kayaking Tour

Nuchatlitz Inlet & Nootka

Sea Otters and Humpbacks

6-days, from $1,799

Nootka Sound Kayaking Tour

Nootka Sound

Captain Cook Tales and Big Fish

6 or 9-days, from $1,799

Gulf Islands Kayaking Tour

Gulf Islands

The Warmland

3, 4 or 5-days, from $675

Northern Gateway-Kitimat Kayaking Tour

Northern Gateway

Hot Springs and Spirit Bears

6 days, from $2,499

Johnstone Strait Kayaking Tour

Johnstone Strait

Kayaking with Orcas

6-Day Tour, from $1,595


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World Class Pacific Kayaking Tours

Coastal Bliss Adventures is dedicated to bringing you the best wilderness experiences possible. British Columbia is a sea kayaker's paradise. We kayak the southern waters, easily accessible from Vancouver and Victoria. The seas around Vancouver Island are real wilderness areas, even around the inhabited islands on the east side. But these areas are still easily accessible. This is what makes Vancouver Island a playground.

Licensed to guide in both Pacific Rim National Park and Gulf Islands National Park, our tours cover much of the incredible waters of southern Vancouver Island. The Broken Island Group is the ultimate tour, but the Gulf Islands are eclectic and beautiful, as well. But if you want to be even further out, take a tour to Nuchatlitz Inlet or Nootka Sound, and fish along the way. Come, join us, and find your bliss on a kayak adventure on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.