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British Columbia is a vast resource of wilderness opportunities. Its size allows it to have a wide variety on its own, but the underlying geology and geologic history have made a major contribution.

Broken Group IslandsGlaciers

British Columbia is home to vast lakes and circuits of smaller lakes, filled with teeming schools of fish. We have the chance to visit these places, travelling by canoe and kayak, fishing and soaking in the wonder of untouched nature.

Connecting many lakes are a vast network of rivers, creeks, and streams. These also supply opportunities for fishing, but are becoming an important recreation source for whitewater kayaking.

Giving the height to all that water, creating its incessant flow, is a set of mountain ranges, collectively called the Coast Mountains, combined with the mountians that form the backbone of Vancouver Island. The rivers and creeks, made into glacieres in ages past, have created amazing valleys, many of which that can only be seen by air

And we cannot forget about the coast. With 25,725 km of coastline, there is more opportunity for exploring than a lifetime can manage. The arrangements of islands provide huge expanses of protected areas for small craft. The West Coast is a kayaker's paradise, with an amazing mix of protected inlets and bays as well as stretches of open coast, where the power of the Pacific is visible.

The immense diversity of British Columbia gives us the possibility of seeing nature as it really is, and the chance to see what might be lost if we cannot put our immense use of natural resources into a global, ecological perspective. It is up to all of us who visit these places and know the incredible beauty present there to keep them and protect them.