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What Our Guests Say

  • Thank you again for the fabulous hike on the North Coast Trail. You helped to make this difficult trail manageable by sharing your hiking experience and provision of excellent meals through out the tour.

    --Lynda and Jeanna, British Columbia
  • I also very much appreciated both your help (and patience!). It was definitely an incredible trip and one I won't ever forget.

    --Tracy, British Columbia
  • The guides were very very professional and I felt very safe in terrain which is different from North Yorkshire. They produced meals from those rucksacks which my husband thought I was pulling his leg. We did see some envious looks from fellow campers too.

    --Kate, Scarborough, Great Britain
  • Thanks again for your support in general and of course it was a great time.

    --Phil, Switzerland
  • I felt well looked after and safe.  It made the trip so wonderful.  Looking forward to future adventures!

    --Laura, Alberta

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The Tour

The North Coast Trail is the new crowning jewel coastal hike in BC. Travelling through ancient, coastal, temperate rainforest and on sand and cobblestone beaches, enjoy this new, rugged addition to the glorious Cape Scott Provincial Park at the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island.

The North Coast Trail hike is a scenic tour through a number of coastal ecosystems. Dominated by hemlock, cedar, and sitka spruce, the trail passes through large stands of each tree species. The upland trail areas travel through coastal marsh and bog ecosystems full of small, but intricately beautiful plant species. At the shore, the trail winds through and around many pocket beaches adorned with sea stacks and caves, watched over by eagles from their aeries.

Cape Scott is full of its own hiking trails leading to a number of incredible historical and geographical features. There is time on this trip to explore the beauty of Cape Scott Park, with side trips to Nels Bight, Hansen Lagoon, and Guise Bay.

Just outside the park, past Guise Bay, is the Cape Scott Lightstation, one of the few remaining attended lighthouses in Canada. Exploring the trails gives the chance to imagine how a group of Danish pioneers tried to survive here before vacating the area after 10 hard years, leaving only the names of the areas we will visit. The history of this area is fascinating, and the views are unbeatable. Come see for yourself!

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Day 1-Travel Day: Guides and clients meet in Nanaimo at one of our pickup points (point of origin). The journey up island to Port Hardy takes 5 hours. The first night will be spent in Port hardy, where guides will assist clients with packing, backpack adjustment, ensuring necessary items have not been forgotten.

Day 2-Shushartie to Skinner Creek Distance 8.7 km
The group will be transported by water taxi to Shushartie Bay, where they will don their packs and begin hiking. The trail climbs up a steep hillside in a wet cedar forest. The trail continues over boardwalk and muddy sections, ascending to 252m before a muddy plateau followed by a descent to the beach at skinner creek. The campsite in the forest here is our destination for the day. Boots off and wash your feet or swim in one of the best swimming locations along the west end of the trail.

Day 3-Skinner Creek to Cape Sutil Distance 7.3 km
The day begins either on the beach along the base of cliffs or inland skirting around the top of them. At high tide the inland trail must be taken. The route passes old trapper cabins before reaching the Nahwitti River. Here the river can be forged at low tide or further up the trail a cable car can be used to cross. Travel continues through forested region before descending stairs to Weser Point. The views of white sand beaches around the bight lure us on to the our campsite in one of these pocket beaches or in the forested site at Sutil Beach.

Day 4-Cape Sutil to Shuttleworth Bight Distance 7.8 km
The route continues round the very northern tip of Vancouver Island, initially along the beach then leading inland and across clifftops on a sidehill before breaking out onto the beach again. The views and scenery are stunning! The camp site at Shuttleworth Bight is reached just after crossing Irony Creek.

Day 5-Shuttleworth Bight to Laura Creek Distance 11.8 km
This days hike begins westward along the beach to the cable crossing at Strandby River. Some boggy forest hiking followed by pebble beach and some easily negotiated tidal obstacles. Much of the trail is along the various pocket beaches before reaching the campsite at Laura Creek, where the marine life in the tidal in vibrantly colouful.

Day 6-Laura Creek to Nissen Bight Distance 7.5 km
This is the last leg of the ‘Nahwitti’ trail and begins with an up hill climb over Nahwitti Cone. It joins the old pioneer road which climbs up through a boggy forest to a plateau. Eventually the trail descends and an elaborate staircase leads to the beach at Nissen Bight.

Day 7-Nissen Bight is a great place to take a well earned rest day, explore the magnificent beach and a one of the easy Cape Scott trails. *

Day 8-Nissen Bight Cape Scott Trailhead Distance 15.5 km
It is time to head back to civilization. The hike is along the established Cape Scott trail ending at the Cape Scott trailhead is the easiest section of the trip, however it is 15.4 km and takes 5 - 7 hr to hike. Here the group will be met by a shuttle bus to take us to Port Hardy. We will spend the night here.

Day 9-Travel Day: The drive back to BC Ferries Duke Point terminal, and journey to Vancouver, where everyone will say their 'good byes’.

*A rest day has been built into the trip to allow for the unexpected without having to rush clients after time loss on route. Nissen Bight is the obvious place to spend this extra night, however other situations may take precedence or other options decided upon.

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What's Included

Coastal Bliss provides the essential elements of the hike for you:

Hiking sample menu
  • Transportation from and to the departure location
  • All park fees for the North Coast Trail
  • Professional guides
  • All meals (except on travel days)                   SAMPLE MENU
  • tent (shared)
  • gear rental options
  • A substantial preparation guide

We can't provide everything. You will have to provide:

  • Hiking Boots
  • Some food (on travel days)
  • Your transportation to the departure location
  • Accommodation before or after the trip
  • Backpack (available for rent)
  • Sleeping bags or mats (available for rent)

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Getting There

If you are travelling into the Vancouver, Victoria, or Nanaimo area from afar, you should arrive at the departure location for your trip the day/evening prior to the trip start date and plan to leave the day following trip return.

You can fly to Vancouver (airport code YVR) or Seattle (airport code SEA) then connect to Vancouver Island using ferry, bus, or air, or arrange flights directly to Vancouver Island.

Flying to Nanaimo (Airport code YCD)-this is the preferred departure location

Flying to Victoria (Airport code YYJ)-commute to Nanaimo required after arrival.

Nanaimo Airporter shuttle service.
Servicing all of Vancouver Island from airports to ferrys to cruise ship terminals.  Tel: 1 250 758-2133

Greyhound Canada provides bus service four times a day from Victoria to Nanaimo

BC Ferries 1-888-BC FERRY (1-888-223-3779)
We will let you know the ferry to take for travelling to Vancouver Island, but if you want to check out times, you can go the the BC Ferries website at:

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Where to Stay

Naniamo Pick up & Hotels

Pick up: Departure Bay, Duke Pt. Ferry Terminals, or the following Accommodations:

Best Western Dorchester Hotel
Address: 70 Church, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, V9R 5H4
Phone: (250) 754-6835

Painted Turtle Guesthouse
Address: 121 Bastion Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia CANADA, V9R 3A2
Toll Free: 1-866-309-4432
Phone: (250) 753-4432

Vancouver Hotels

If you are arriving in Vancouver and staying there before getting to a pick up location on Vancouver Island, the Accent Inn is close to the aiport.

Accent Inn, Vancouver Airport
10551 St. Edwards Dr. (off Hwy #99)
Richmond B.C. V6X 3L8
Ph: 604-273-3311 Fx: 604-273-9522

(Our guests may be able to receive a discount at Accent Inn, contact us for details.)

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How you prepare for your adventure is important. Being well prepared will enhance the quality of your experience. Because we are travelling in wilderness, it is very important for you and for the rest of your adventure group that you are fit enough to handle the level of difficulty and demand with no problems. Our guides know how to minimize the impact of these demands as much as possible, but they cannot remove them. The depth of your experience can only increase if you have made sure that you have prepared well.

Your preparation will be different for different activities. Preparing for a kayak trip is different from preparing for a hiking trip. We have provided some basic information that can be downloaded through the following links to pdf documents. If you do not have the Adobe Reader, you can download it from the Adobe site by clicking here.

Use the links below to download some of the preparation files for this hiking tour. When you book your tour, we will send you a complete preparation packet to help you get ready. We've also included a couple of infographics to help you along.


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Need Gear?

We have gear available to rent if you don't want to buy a particular piece of equipment, or need to travel without it. 

Look over the following list to help you decide whether you want to rent. If you decide to rent gear, you can tell us on the phone or book it online with your tour.

Hiking Tours:

Item  Cost
Sherpa for Hiking Tours  $2399.00
Backpack Rental  $55.00
Sleeping Bag Rental  $55.00
Thermarest Rental  $20.00
Gaiter Rental  $15.00
Rental Bundle 1-Sleeping Bag+Thermarest+Gaiters or hiking pole  $80.00
Hiking Pole Rental (one)  $7.50
Rental Bundle 2-backpack+gaiters+hiking pole  $76.00
Rental Bundle 3-backpack+sleeping bag+Thermarest  $117.00


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This option is available for those who really want to do this hike, but a normal pack weight would make it a deal breaker. A sherpa can take a large part of the pack weight, but not all. The sherpa also personally assists you along the trail and in camp.
Strenuous: a significant part of the walk takes place on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky/rooted paths), hiking days can be 7 to 10 hours, weather and conditions can significantly increase difficulty.