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What Our Guests Say

  • We truly had a fantastic hike! We appreciate all the organizing and coordinating in making it a wonderful time. Thank you for all of your lugging and slugging! It was an unforgettable time!

    --Carol, Carla, Liz, (Ontario) and Sabine (Austria)
  • I also very much appreciated both your help (and patience!). It was definitely an incredible trip and one I won't ever forget.

    --Tracy, British Columbia
  • The guides were very very professional and I felt very safe in terrain which is different from North Yorkshire. They produced meals from those rucksacks which my husband thought I was pulling his leg. We did see some envious looks from fellow campers too.

    --Kate, Scarborough, Great Britain
  • Thank you for an excellent West Coast Trail trip. I really appreciate all your hard work and guiding skills. It is what made the trip so memorable.

    --Kevin, Northwest Territories
  • We had a great time and all the aches and pains were worth it!! By the time we got back to my house we were feeling great. Elaine felt very proud of herself. Anyhow, I think you are amazing guide and I hope we didn't wear you out!

    --Denise and Elaine, Calgary

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The Tour

The Juan de Fuca Trail was completed about 15 years ago as an extension of the West Coast Trail experience. It was intended to be a bit shorter and less strenuous than the West Coast Trail, but over the years, it has worn itself into a strenuous journey. The Juan de Fuca Trail is accessible by highway along most of its route via access trails. This trail is less exposed than the West Coast Trail, so the terrain is a little less varied, but that is hardly noticeable.  The beaches and forest are still magnificent. The western half of the trail is less difficult than the eastern section from China Beach to Sombrio Beach, which makes it doable as a day hike.

The western end of the trail, Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew, is famous for its tide pools. The abundance of Pacific sea life is available for viewing in this very large tide pool area. The large beach in the middle of the trail, Sombrio Beach, is a beach shared with surfers, which can be very entertaining to watch while kicking back at the end of a day's hike. This beach also has a distinct history. It was a squatter's community for many years until made into a provincial park.

Our tour takes the western half of the trail, about 24 km in all, and completes it in a single day with day packs only. It is a scenic walk through the coastal forest ecosystem all the way to the end at Botanical Beach, although there is the chance to deke out onto the shelf at a couple of places. This tour is meant to be a bit of a challenge, but doable for someone who is reasonably fit. Plan on taking the whole day. We won't be back into Victoria until the evening from this journey.


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This is our typical itinerary. (Because we are travelling in wilderness, itineraries can change. There are many factors that can affect how a tour actually runs.)

This trip begins in Vancouver or Victoria, where we will arrange your pickup to drive to the beginning of the trail.

We leave from the pickup point about 7:30 am.

We drive to Sombrio Beach parking lot, arriving around 9:00 am.

We Prepare for our hike, and begin our hike toward Botanical Beach.

We stop for a lunch at an appropriate spot on the trail around 1:00 pm.

We arrive at the western trailhead near Botany Bay around 4:00 pm (this arrival time can vary widely depending on the group).

The time of day and the tide conditions will govern how much time is spent at Botanical Beach exploring the tide pools.

From the parking lot, we pack up and drive back to Victoria, arriving around 6:30 pm (also variable).

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What's Included

Coastal Bliss provides the essential elements of the hike for you:

  • Transportation from and to the departure location
  • All park fees
  • Professional guides
  • Lunch, snacks, and filtered water

We can't provide everything. You will have to provide:

  • Hiking boots or shoes (light hiking boots recommended)
  • Clothing, rain gear, day pack, hiking poles, etc.
  • Your transportation to the departure location (where you will be picked up)

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Getting There

Typical pickup location is at the Park and Ride at Helmken, near Highway 1. For visitors to the area, we will provide directions and options for getting there.


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How you prepare for your adventure is important. Being well prepared will enhance the quality of your experience.


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The most complicated pieces of any wilderness experience are the logistics and the safety. We take care of all that. This is what we do. We take care of the details and get you through the experience. With the details taken care of, you enjoy the place and the journey much, much more.
Strenuous: a significant part of the walk takes place on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky/rooted paths), hiking days can be 7 to 10 hours, weather and conditions can significantly increase difficulty.